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I had the amazing opportunity to work with a fabulous make up artist, Afshan Khan in readiness for her 2020 Bridal campaign. The model @muneca had gold and black shimmery eyes with bright lip colour.

Game changer make up

To see more of Afshan's work please go to

Makeup Trends

Just like fashion, makeup trends change every year. For instance, it’s all about the well-defined brows nowadays. Several years back, we were all trying to go for brows that were thin and spaced far apart. Well, not any more.

Here’s what’s trending in 2020:

Lips – It was all about the matte finish. Now, a lip gloss is perfect for that everyday go-to look. For savvier occasions, makeup experts like to add glitter on the lips or go for the hombre look. Who would have thought that the upper and lower lips could have different shades?

Skin – Gone are the baking and strobing days. Now, it’s more about looking natural and healthy. Out in the market are foundations with more subtle hues and tints because what’s more important is letting our skin breathe.

Cheeks – Blushers can now be used to highlight even the eye area. This is what they call the blush bomb. From the cheeks, we can now boldly sweep the colour upwards to the side of the forehead.

Eyes – When it comes to eye makeup, pink is the new black. This can be treated as a neutral colour that’s subtle yet dramatic. For dressier occasions that require colour, makeup manufacturers are now looking into metallic shades more than any other colour. As for eyeliners, liquid liners are still the rage. However, the shinier it is, the better it will be. Think vinyl finish.

Setting spray – This caps off the whole routine. Setting sprays were designed to hold the makeup longer so that we no longer see smears and smudges as the day progresses. These are perfect for those long days, as we no longer have to constantly check the mirror to see if we still look as pristine as we did at the start.

There are also other optional trends that makeup enthusiasts swear by. These may not be considered must-haves, but if we want that professional look without having to shell out hundreds of dollars every time, here are some of the items you may want to consider:

Airbrush makeup – Airbrushes are the rage nowadays. No longer are these gadgets available in just the beauty salons. Many have added this to their arsenal and have their very own spray in their home makeup counter. The idea is to plug the spray and hold the nozzle at least six inches away. This should give the “just applied” impression on the skin and makes us look fresh and flawless. That’s because the spray can cover every inch of the face evenly.

Mineral makeup – Some makeup experts swear by mineral makeup and have totally switched because mineral makeup isn’t just making the skin healthier, it’s known to give better coverage. However, there are also naysayers. Some mineral makeup brands tend to clump in fine lines. It’s especially more difficult to use mineral makeup for darker toned women.

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